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Médiathèque de Baud

Mellon collie and the infinite sadness


Titre(s)Mellon collie and the infinite sadness / SMASHING PUMPKINS (The) ; Billy CORGAN ; James IHA ; D'ARCY ; Jimmy CHAMBERLIN.

ContientTonight, tonight. - Jellybelly. - Zero. - Here is no why. - Bullet with butterfly wings. - To forgive. - An ode to no one. - Love. - Cupid de locke. - Galapogos. - Muzzle. - Porcelina of the vast oceans. - Take me down. - Where boys fear to tread. - Bodies. - Thirty-three. - In the arms of sleep. - 1979. - Tales of a scorched earth. - Thru the eyes of ruby. - Stumbleine. - X.Y.U. - We only come out at night. - Beautiful. - Lily (my one and only). - By starlight. - Farewell and goodnight.

Indice(s)250 SMA

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